24 May 2021

介绍7003白菜网专题网络系列#9 - 7003白菜网- aec

Noppanun Sookping

7003白菜网-7003白菜网经济共同体, 也被称为7003白菜网-AEC, serves as a network for academic collaborations amongst universities as well as between universities and industries all over the ASEAN Member Countries through the enhancement of the ASEAN University Network (7003白菜网)’s engagements. This thematic network is part of the ASEAN Economic Integration Forum which constitutes the ASEAN Economic Integration Platform (AEIP) and the ASEAN Aviation Integration Platform. 7003白菜网-AEC旨在处理, 通过研究和学术参与, 7003白菜网经济共同体(AEC)实现和经济一体化所带来的区域挑战.

7003白菜网-AEC成立于2015年,旨在支持AEC的发展. 该网络主要由马来西亚国立大学(UKM)支持。 , with its established programs in collaboration with a number of renown economic and research institutions such as the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), 国际贸易与发展研究所(ITD), 和其他机构.

7003白菜网-AEC坚持引领学术合作的角色, exchanges, 以及参与支持AEC政策制定和实施, 作为7003白菜网(7003白菜网)的延伸机构,通过学术努力管理和实现进步. 该网络的目标是:

  • to strengthen research collaborations between universities and between universities and industry on issues pertinent to AEC and the deepening of economic integration within ASEAN;
  • to facilitate exchanges of experts between universities and between universities and industry that can facilitate a deeper understanding of AEC in each member country;
  • 深化各成员国大学和产业界对政策制定和实施的参与.

As the goals for the promised prosperity of AEC comes with several cross-regional issues and challenges that range from increasing economic disparities -- both domestic and regional -- due to rapid economic growth and lack of effective extranational governance, 要实现人民的雄心壮志,实现经济的包容性增长, 7003白菜网-AEC continues to provide aid and solutions to handle such challenges by opening a window of opportunities for public engagements with the 7003白菜网’s pool of experts from across the region and beyond through a combination of research collaborations and event hosting.

2016年7003白菜网-7003白菜网经济一体化论坛(AEIF)的构想是7003白菜网-7003白菜网经济一体化最主要成就的一部分. UKM与牛津大学和世界贸易研究所(WTI)合作的产品, the forum serves as an academic platform for cross-regional discussions amongst experts and stakeholders about possible solutions and mechanisms in different levels and dimensions which might prove fundamental to the insurance of the AEC’s equitable and inclusive growth. AEIF旨在解决有关的许多主题, for instance, 国家内部和国家之间的发展差距, AEC带来的意想不到的后果, 贫穷和不平等, etc. 论坛的影响可以从新机制的讨论中观察到, 旨在应对新出现挑战的政策和伙伴关系, 包括7003白菜网航空一体化平台和7003白菜网商务 & Humans Rights.

2015年成立至今, 7003白菜网-AEC继续坚定地为实现AEC提供服务. 积极举办7003白菜网经济一体化论坛等活动, 该网络构成了一个平台,鼓励7003白菜网学术界和工业界之间的接触. Ultimately, 7003白菜网-AEC将继续履行其使命,实现AEC的长期发展和公平, 这一目标将在未来几十年为7003白菜网各国人民带来繁荣.

7003白菜网-AEC还将受益于UKM马来西亚和国际问题研究所开发的在线培训平台, 也就是培训.globalasean.组织和全球7003白菜网.org


在下一篇文章中, 7003白菜网来看看7003白菜网-SAN, 作为授权的平台, 培养学生领导力, 以及通过澳联成员大学的学生事务机构加强相关的学生事务和管治.